Im just me. 18 years young, mother and fiancee.


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Permalink I feel huge today!!! 23 weeks && 4 days(:
Permalink The picture sucks because I took a picture of the computer screen but this is Roxanne’s bed I’m so excited about(: @rosaslattery
Permalink Huuuuuuuurrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!! Thursday needs to be here!!! #twoyearold #bed #happymommy
Permalink How she wanted to go to her grannys lol
Permalink Hoe can you not love this diva lol
Permalink My cutie(:
Permalink Baby for sale lol
Permalink A great way to have her where I can see her and she’s not in my face while I work! Thank you Dora lmfao
Permalink She wanted a picture but didn’t want to smile lol